Kit Packing for Families & Groups

Bring your family together by supporting a cause that you care about. Working together to invest in your community and give back can help to strengthen bonds, while providing a teachable experience. Available for an in-person and virtual event, Kitts for a Cause can help you instill important values in your children and bring you closer together, as you work toward a common goal.

Why Kit Pack with Your Family?

Your family can benefit from a kit packing event in many ways, such as:

• Supporting local charities that need your help
• Investing and making a difference in your community
• Providing children with a teachable experience
• Building core values and a commitment to helping others
• Strengthening family bonds and nurturing relationships

Working with Kits for a Cause for the last few years has been wonderful. Lauren and her team are professional, extremely helpful and they get the job done!! I highly recommend working with them.

Jehann M

Lauren at Kits for a Cause helped the Upside Foundation put on a fantastic event for 70 members of the Upside Foundation community, together we packed 500 kits!! Fabulous way for companies to engage their teams, and to listen to the CEO of Dixon Hall speak about the impact it will make. Thanks again Lauren.

Gabrielle F

Upside Foundation
Working with Kits for a Cause was a pleasure. Both Jody and Lauren were very helpful in assisting us in organizing the event and providing us with the necessary information we needed. The goods were shipped the day before to give us sufficient time to prep and they were able to introduce us to the Charity we’ve chosen. Definitely looking forward to working with Kits for a Cause in the future!

Jordan G

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We’re here to help you get involved in your local community and truly make a difference. Whether you’re looking for more information about the charities we partner with or it’s time to get started, get in touch with us today. After you’ve completed the form below, a member of our team will be in touch with you.

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