Every Child Matters


June 24th, 2021

Written by Lauren Ott, Chief Kits Officer

Trigger Warning.

Today we’re learning of more horrific news, that there were hundreds of more children who never made it back home to their families, never had the opportunity to grow up and have their own children, but instead were silenced and ultimately killed by Canadian Residential Schools. This specific school operated for almost 100 years and was closed in 1997. This is not history, this is current and necessary for all Canadians living on this land to come to terms with the disturbing and destructive system that we’ve lived next to, operated around and have chosen to ignore; while Indigenous communities suffer.

So, what now? What’s next? We cannot become desensitized. There will be more burial sites, we will discover more atrocities that were committed, that Indigenous communities have been telling us about for decades. We cannot send any more thoughts and prayers. Every time we learn of a new burial site, we must be outraged, just as angry, just as sad and just as embarrassed as the first time. We can idle no more.

Support Indigenous communities. Pay Indigenous makers. Listen to Indigenous stories. Become an ally that rallies behind reconciliation with the same effort that you did for patios to reopen during a global pandemic. Canada Day this year should be a day to reflect on what atrocities had to happen for us to live on this land, strong and free.

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Author: kfacwpup

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